Pirates; Summer 2009 and 2010


Pirates of the Caribbean met the Dilbert comic strip

In 2009 and 2010, “Pirates of the Caribbean” met the Dilbert comic strip in our action packed comedy of bad manners, a treasure of a tale that had people talking around ye office water barrel for months afterward.

The dramatis personae featured Captain Kidd, leading a crew of rascals, of both the fair and the unfair gender, plus an adorable monkey, a mermaid, and The Last Dodo.

The sword fighting and the laughs were nonstop, and so popular was that show, originally named “Ye Tragick Tale of Ye Dread Pirate Robert Culliford & Ye Giant Spotted Grouper,” that the pirates came back–under the mercifully shortened title of “Pirates.”

New Adventure for “Pirates” in 2012

No ordinary sea story, you may recognize our pirates in the offices, factories, and construction sites where you work.  We’ve had successful runs of our first “Pirates” script for the last couple of summers, but look for new adventures for our pirates in the summer of 2012.