Sam (The Devil Herself)

November 4 and November 5, 2011

A ratty, malnourished fringe theatre company in the guise of a modern-day commedia dell’arte troupe meets up with the Devil Herself, and from there it’s a fire sale, as Harlequin and his pals retell the History of the World in order to save the soul of Humankind.

Harlequin, the leader of a struggling, underappreciated theatre troupe—Boy, who does that sound like!—shoots dice with an attractive Satan and loses his throw. Satan is about to rake in Harlequin’s soul along with those of the rest of the company, plus all their assets, when she takes a liking to Harlequin’s protege, Scapino. So she agrees to give the gang one more chance: If they can prove to her the worthiness of humankind, she’ll absolve the gambling debt. From there, it’s a hilarious—if at times distorted—history of the world—at least the highlights (or, more accurately, the low-lights). An original comedy about Unoriginal Sin.