All About Us

Weighty Drama? Angst?

Do you have an overwhelming desire for serious drama that plunges into the hidden depths of humanity’s collective angst? Of course not, who does? But if you want to explore human foibles through laughter and the occasional dash of irreverent humor then you’ve found your theatre company.

Original Comedies

Umbrella Theatre specializes in original comedies, centered around pull-no-punches political and social satire AND featuring sword-fighting, magic, juggling, music, and puppetry. Our plays are specifically written to appeal to kids and adults alike with plenty of action and physical comedy, yet witty dialogue. But don’t worry! Although we’re sometimes risque, we’re always PG13.

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Our Past Plays

We’ve been covering the waterfront of human foibles and failed ideals since 2008. We explored corporate politics and the elusiveness of human goals as portrayed by mice in Creation, a retelling of Aesop’s “Belling of the Cat” with the Universal Creation Story. We explored corporate politics and feminism in the portrayal of 15th-century shipbuilders in Noah Way Out, and morality and corporate politics in our original version of The Second Shepherds Play. We took on mortality in Origami; took it on again in Sam, along with morality, evil . . . and corporate politics, and we explored corporate politics in Pirates—okay, most of our plays have to do with corporate politics.

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