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Volunteer Opportunities @Brella

When you see an Umbrella play, you’re going to want to know two things:

When’s the next production, and how can I get into the fun?

The answer to the first question is pretty elusive, but the second great question of life has a simple answer:  Volunteer.  Umbrella runs on imagination like SUVs burn high-octane, and to bring all the magic, the music, and sword-fighting to the stage, to bring our unique scripts to life, requires the efforts of puppeteers, stagehands, scene-painters, prop artists, front-of-the-house, you name it.  Ever had the urge to get into “show business” but wondered where you’d start?  Umbrella is a training ground for actors just out of school and for just about all the other theatrical arts as well.  Think you have no talent?  Everybody has talent—you just have to figure out what yours is.  Let Umbrella Theatre help you with that.

We do theatre the old-fashioned way, with visible puppeteers and stage effects.  We regard all our technicians, stagehands, and puppeteers as performers in their own right; you work for us as a stagehand, and you may find yourself with a line or two in the play.  Happens all the time.  One of the biggest “stars” in one of our plays ran the ticket booth.  On the other hand, if you prefer to remain completely behind the scenes, that can be arranged; we’re happy to have your help.

Nora the Pirate Cat taking tickets

One of the Biggest Stars in "Pirates"

Volunteer Opportunities

We always need: Stagehands, Ushers, Musicians, Puppeteers, Go-fors and more!

For more information call Artistic Director
Robin Allan Jones at 206-235-8936.